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Results transform when energy and culture transform. Would your organization benefit from a positive and impactful cultural shift – a transformation?

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A cultural transformation can be for example a shift from command and control culture towards more of a culture of self-management. Or it can be a cultural shift towards a more proactive, customer oriented approach from a more inside focused approach. For cultural transformation to take place in an organization, the whole system must change. This means the energy levels, values, beliefs and behaviors of the leaders and eventually the collective.

The leaders’ energy level, ability to lead energy, values and behaviors influence the organizational culture. The present and past leaders have institutionalized their values and beliefs in the organizational mission, strategy, structures, roles, processes and systems of the organization. Today, the question is what type of energy and leadership style does the organization wish to cultivate in the organization as a whole, not only in people in leadership positions. That is because the traditional leadership paradigms are changing and leadership is spreading throughout the organization.

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