Why Understanding Different Personality Types is Important for a Leader

Excellent leaders provide clarity and focus for the organisation. They also know how to increase productive relational energy and boost collaboration.

Co-creation at the core

At the core of being successful in the fast moving and complex world of ecosystems is co-creation. That is why providing clarity by choosing the right strategy and best business assumptions is not enough anymore. Leaders need to also boost collaboration and innovation in the whole organisation. Having a compelling vision, guiding principles and common focus are all important, but productive energy is as vital. Energy is the driving force with which we get things done. Ensuring productive relational energy starts from the leaders themselves. From being at their best at work. The better leaders know themselves, their strengths and challenges and lenses through which they look at the world, the easier it is for them to be at their best. And to ensure fruitful collaboration in the organisation. For our businesses to grow, so must we. 

Relational energy is one essential area

That is why we recommend leaders to integrate overcoming business challenges with leading energy. Relational energy within core teams and with key stakeholders is one essential area. That boosts collaboration and creativity, too. See a video from Oxford-review on Relation Energy “What is relational energy and why is it important in organizations” here: https://www.oxford-review.com/oxford-review-encyclopaedia-terms/relational-energy-what-it-is-and-why-it-matters-to-organisations/Energy coaching Relational Energy Video tip from Coaches

For creating productive relational energy, the best place to start is actually one’s own core. With core we mean here leader’s natural way of leading. Each leader has his core beliefs, natural ways of thinking, feeling and acting. These elements, as well as triggers that – when driven by autopilot – decide automatically how the leader leads and what might stress him out.

Leadership profiles for supporting self-awareness

We use an insightful tool, leadership profiles of the Enneagram, to get to the core. Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Pd.D. describes the Enneagram as follows: ”The Enneagram is a powerful map that illuminates the nine different architectures of the human personality. The nine different Enneagram types, identified as numbers One through Nine, have distinct habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving, with each type connected to a unique path of development.”  The next step after creating awareness of the core, is that the leader more knowingly decides how he wants to lead in order to engage the core team and key stakeholders related to the business challenge. Everything starts from the core.

When the leader is at his best, he is able to connect with and engage others in a much effective manner. Further, if the leader understands how other people operate automatically from their core, creating productive relational energy is even more easy. With clarity, focus and productive energy channelled to co-creation leaders create results.

Ennegram tool with Clarity Focus Energy®

Without understanding one’s own “operating system” it is difficult to understand how others operate. The Enneagram provides a great tool for both paths, for own growth and for creating understanding of others around you. We have integrated this powerful tool with our Clarity Focus Energy® model with clients. We are happy to tell you more!

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