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The expectations of expert organizations and corporate functions are changing. Experts will, in addition to providing to-the-point-answers and deep knowledge, become active influencers in the whole organization and in its many layers of interest parties. Experts become Leaders. Do you want to take your team to the next level?

Corporate functions – for example Quality, HR, Legal, Procurement, Facilities, IT, Marketing, Communications, Strategy, Customer Experience, Compliance or Risk Management – have their own kind of DNA, challenges and potential compared to business functions. Leading excelling corporate functions is challenging yet rewarding.

People in corporate functions are true experts and very devoted to their area of expertise and keen on quality. Then again, some corporate functions do not always have visibility on business status and business challenges and opportunities and hence are easily drifted into a reactive mode with a high time pressure to deliver. People in corporate functions may not always appear to be appreciated or to have a strong saying in the direction of business. They may even be accused of bureaucracy and interference. This may, in some cases, lead into a situation, where corporate functions will not be able to deliver the true value they could and take a strategic role. Rather they turn into a mere support function, with a strong internal focus (especially if the function is established and large). They become controlling but at the same time they feel that they cannot efficiently influence and proactively drive initiatives that impact the direction of business.

We help corporate functions to strengthen their true value and strategic role in today’s organizations and at the same time ensure their readiness for the future paradigm shift, where the role of corporate functions will change.

We help leaders of expert organizations to create and sustain the culture and leadership they feel would be the best fit for their expert organization and serve their customers best – today and in the future

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